Dear family,

Today I was driving home from work, I swear every time I do I realize more and more how beautiful of a city Portland is. Driving down the five to go home I look at the river and the bridges and the buildings. They make me smile and think about the pictures of Portland you used to take dad. So beautiful.

I saw the Portland trolley yesterday too, the one that drives around to look at Christmas lights on Peacock lane. I remember going on that(or it could have been a bus, I don’t remember) when we still lived here. It made me miss you guys. So I’m going to keep this short but I’m thinking about you guys.

Miss and love you all!


Comments on: "Portland" (2)

  1. Its the 5, not five. Only in California do we refer to Interstate 5 as “the 5”. #themoreyouknow

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