Christmas is coming!

​I don’t know if you guys remember but I really like the holiday season. On Saturday we put up the tree at home, I thought it was going to be last Saturday but I was wrong. It looks great, doesn’t it?


I missed out on going to zoo lights with the fam but hopefully I can go with David’s family before I leave for SD. He invited me(not telling me what day they are going) and then I’m like well I hope it’s this weekend since I’m leaving Monday. Saturday night is also the Burris’ Christmas get together, I can’t miss that! I’m excited to see Aunt Doni and Uncle Ben. I hardly see them anymore, living in Woodburn and all. But I guess they’re moving again because according to Uncle Ben “There are too many old people!” hahaha. I will definitely post pics from that and zoo lights, don’t worry!

​I’ve been talking to everyone, planning my trip to SD. I can’t wait to see you guys and my friends. Wednesday there is a Christmas Party, and Thursday Amber, Ash and I are planning on going to Disney Land. I can’t wait! Don’t worry mom I know you have Friday off so we’ll go shopping, or bake cookies or something. I have to have my mommy time!

Here’s what’s for dinner! Chicken tortilla soup!


​I miss you guys so much! One week until I’m there!
​Until next time,


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