Guest Post

Hi Sammi. I love your blog. I bet it made your family very happy when they heard that you wanted to focus your whole blog on them. I know as a mother, it wouldve made me very happy. All of your posts are great. But if I could just tell you what I would like from a mothers point of view (and again..everything is great, this is just if you were my kid :)

I think if my kids lived so far away from me, I would like to see a blog about what we would do if I were there with them. Not only about what they do everyday, just if you were here right now this is where we would go, because I know you love this. Or I was doing this today and I thought of you because you used to do this. Like when you go to the zoo, or even the grocery store, talk about what your mom or dad or brothers would be doing if they were there with you. I guess just pretend they are here with you…if that makes sense. :)

But again, I do love your posts, but I think maybe if you just made a little more personal then it would make it even better!!!! :D


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