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Dear Family,

Last night I was feeling super homesick. I posted on Facebook that I wanted a hug from my mommy and some carne asada fries. I always want carne asada fries, seriously. So David’s friend commented and I found out that he’s from Encinitas. Super cool!

I realized that I’ve never really been to Encinitas. SD is so big that no one really goes every where in it. (Unless you’re a tourist I guess) So I’ve been thinking about Mexican food and SD all day. I also want an apple pie from Julian Pie Company. I was thinking about the beach and Balboa Park. And how I wish I was there to watch Traditions of Christmas. This will be the first year in like three years that I won’t see it.

I’m trying really hard to get down there for Christmas guys. I miss you all so much! But I do have responsibilities here and I know you aren’t used to that(Mom and Dad!) but just how you guys can’t take time off work, I don’t know if I really can either.

I wish I had more to tell you guys about but it’s been all work and no play for me lately so I will update again when something interesting happens.

Love and miss you guys!

Until next time,