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Holiday Parties!

Dear Family,

This weekend was BUSY! Friday Tonya and I went shopping, we were out pretty much all day then we went to Jessie’s ballet performance… All she did was stand there, too many people.haha. It was kind of cute though.

Then Saturday I worked and then went to the Burris Christmas Party at Richie’s. It was fun. I don’t remember ever meeting Ralph and Debbie before, as they said they haven’t seen me since I was little. So it was nice to talk to them. I also spent a lot of time talking to Jerry, he’s so sweet. We were talking about cooking of course. Ate tons of yummy food. Then everyone left and Heather, Tonya, Ross, and I stayed behind to hang out with Richie. Heather, Tonya, and Richie got very drunk and interesting things ensued. Things that I should NOT talk about on my blog.Haha. Don’t worry I’ll tell you guys in person when I get there. 😉

So then yesterday I had work. Then I ran some errands(got those Christmas presents you guys wanted me to get) then went to Aunti Di’s and helped bake some cookies, her and Rhonda were baking all day. There were TONS of cookies in the garage, so I packed some up and went next door to Heather’s where she helped me get ready for my work Christmas Party. I looked hot. Don’t have pictures right now, trying to get David to email them to me. I’m so glad that he was able to go with me. He had to go to his sisters play yesterday and then a family party and his parents were able to drop him off at my work on their way home. So the work party was a potluck and there was TONS of food. Tamales, chicken, pizza, pasta, and lots of desserts too. And of course booze, David must have had like 5 beers, along with his glass of sparkling wine, glass of eggnog, and little bit of tequila he had when he nerded out with the bartender.haha. Everyone seemed to like him which was good. The party was great we ate, and had a raffle where I won a paninni press! Woot! And I also got a giftcard to a cuban restaurant in NE, I’m excited to go eat there. 🙂 There was also a “crowning” of the employee of the year. My very manly coworker had to wear a princess tiara, it was great! There were also pinatas for the many children, it was super fun.

So I can’t wait to see you guys! Just a few more hours until I board the plane. Love and miss you guys!

Until tonight,



Christmas is coming!

​I don’t know if you guys remember but I really like the holiday season. On Saturday we put up the tree at home, I thought it was going to be last Saturday but I was wrong. It looks great, doesn’t it?


I missed out on going to zoo lights with the fam but hopefully I can go with David’s family before I leave for SD. He invited me(not telling me what day they are going) and then I’m like well I hope it’s this weekend since I’m leaving Monday. Saturday night is also the Burris’ Christmas get together, I can’t miss that! I’m excited to see Aunt Doni and Uncle Ben. I hardly see them anymore, living in Woodburn and all. But I guess they’re moving again because according to Uncle Ben “There are too many old people!” hahaha. I will definitely post pics from that and zoo lights, don’t worry!

​I’ve been talking to everyone, planning my trip to SD. I can’t wait to see you guys and my friends. Wednesday there is a Christmas Party, and Thursday Amber, Ash and I are planning on going to Disney Land. I can’t wait! Don’t worry mom I know you have Friday off so we’ll go shopping, or bake cookies or something. I have to have my mommy time!

Here’s what’s for dinner! Chicken tortilla soup!


​I miss you guys so much! One week until I’m there!
​Until next time,


Dear Family,

Last night I was feeling super homesick. I posted on Facebook that I wanted a hug from my mommy and some carne asada fries. I always want carne asada fries, seriously. So David’s friend commented and I found out that he’s from Encinitas. Super cool!

I realized that I’ve never really been to Encinitas. SD is so big that no one really goes every where in it. (Unless you’re a tourist I guess) So I’ve been thinking about Mexican food and SD all day. I also want an apple pie from Julian Pie Company. I was thinking about the beach and Balboa Park. And how I wish I was there to watch Traditions of Christmas. This will be the first year in like three years that I won’t see it.

I’m trying really hard to get down there for Christmas guys. I miss you all so much! But I do have responsibilities here and I know you aren’t used to that(Mom and Dad!) but just how you guys can’t take time off work, I don’t know if I really can either.

I wish I had more to tell you guys about but it’s been all work and no play for me lately so I will update again when something interesting happens.

Love and miss you guys!

Until next time,