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Friends, Moving, Free Stuff…

Dear Family,

3 more school days and I’m done! I’m so excited to get out into the real world.

So last night after school I went to my friend’s house to help her pack because after school on Tuesday she’s driving up to Seattle to catch the barge back to Alaska. She has tons of stuff in her apartment that she doesn’t want/ can’t keep and has given much of it to me. My trunk now has cook books and a bag full of tea in it. Do you guys like tea?haha. I could send some to you.

MOM! Please remember to ship me my stuff, including that box of towels dad gave me. Please and thank you!

We also went to On the border for dinner. It was yummy but I kind of hate going to restaurants now because if I don’t get great service I get kind of pissed. 😛

So I love and miss you guys!

Until next time,