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My older brother…

Dear Family,

For my first post I want to talk about Matt. All of you except Matt are probably saying, why the hell does she want to talk about him? Well for one I do love my big brother, despite all the shit I give him and all the shit he gives me. Same goes for you Joe!

Anyways last night I was browsing Facebook and came across a post that my lovely older brother wrote. I won’t bore you with the whole thing, I’m sure you read it already Dad. So this post was about kids and how Matt is annoyed by his friends that have pictures of their children as their profile pictures but after that he went into how he doesn’t want kids because he feels that he still has many things to do in his own life. So before bed last night I was thinking about that as well and how I completely agree with him on that. I myself will not bring a child into the world yet, or possibly not even at all because thinking about my life and my plan for it in the future I just don’t know that I would be able to balance work and children in the way that I would want to. I know you want grandkids mom but that may not happen. (You still have Joe I guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if he drunkenly impregnated someone.haha. I’m kidding.)

I was also surprised that Matt and I agreed on that as him and I don’t agree on much. 🙂 So in conclusion I feel bonded to you in another way Matt, and I think it’s pretty cool. I’m growing up eh?

Remember this bonding experience? 😀

In other news:

Today I had to make potato salad at work and it has serrano chiles in it. I came to school completely forgetting that I chopped said chile without washing my hands and wiped my eye. It hurt.

I get tomorrow and Saturday off work! Yay!

On Saturday, Tonya,Rhonda,Ross,the kids and I are going to go get a Christmas tree. That should be fun.

And next Friday is David’s birthday, also cool but I have to work, which is not as cool.


I miss and love you guys!

Until next time,